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And here is a collection of publicly available online videos on how to build your own motion system:

Traction Loss / Surge / Active Belt:
- (coming soon)

From various YouTube channels...... 

- a cool video by Sim On
- another one by Gabby De Buyst (French)
- excellent videos on building the "SFX 100 Actuator" by Apex Sim Racing TM

Detailed Overview:
- overview on "building the SFX100 actuators" by SixDegreesOfFlight
- a very useful "wiring shield" for SFX100" created by Patrick Moynihan

Full build:
- "My SFX100 motion rig" by Silly Drivings
- "SFX 100 Motion Platform Sim Racing Formula 1 2019" by BMW Germany
- "From Rseat RS1 to SFX-100 motion rig" by "Henry M"
- "Lap of the Nürburgring on my SFX-100 motion simulator" by Lee Watterson
- "Dirt Rally 2.0 + SFX-100" by  Kjetil Bjørntvedt
- DIY MEGA - Anodized Red by Marko
- DIY MEGA - Anodized Blue by Sim On

- "SFX100 Traction Loss Surge Platform" by Volker Krebs
9-actuators set up with Surge and Traction Loss platform by Sven Buchenthal
- "Plattform Traction Loss und SFX100" by Fuzimumpl W
- "SFX 100 Surge Igus Test" by stoffivv16