The RS MEGA+ was design to have the best compatibility with most Sim Racing cockpit in the market, such as:
- Sim Lab: P1-X, GT1, GT2, TR1
- Trak Racer: TR160, TR120, TR80
- Advance SimRacing: ASR3, ASR4, ASR6, ASR Pro
- GT Omega: Prime, Prime Lite
- Next Level Racing: GTELite (not all variants)

For the best experience and much greater expandability, we highly recommend to use the industrial standard Thanos AMC-AASD15A controller (plug-n-play!). It packs with many great features and allows you to expand your system upto 7 axis (6DOF)!!!

Choice of software includes the entry level motion control software that are freely downloadable (for private use only), or become the true EXPERT with other professional motion simulation software such as Sim Racing StudioSimTools, and FlyPT Mover. You make your own choice and no "sponsor" required!