RS SOLO - Traction Loss Kit

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Now works with , too!

- RS Series actuator, compact body making it ideal for under the rig installation (see example here)
- You build the Traction Loss platform, we supply the "glue"
- This kit comes with all the essential parts for Traction Loss
(ie: cups, casters, pivot.. etc)
- see example from our Resources page


System Includes:
- 1 x Actuators 150mm in full Aluminium body
- 1 x AASD-15A V6.3.1 servo drivers (in white)

- 4 x Aluminium support cups for vertical actuators
- 4 x Stainless steel casters
- 4 x Aluminium casters rolling / support plates
- 1 x Pivot point bearing assembly
- 1 x pull bar assembly

(Customer's set up with RS MEGA+ with Traction Loss)

Software Compatibility (with Thanos AMC-AASD15A) :
- SimRacing Studio
- SimTools
- FlyPT Mover

(Customer's set up with RS MEGA+ with Traction Loss and Surge)

- Stroke: 150mm push and pull
- Speed: 250mm/s
- Servo Motor: 80mm flange, 750w
- Max Load: 100kg push, 80kg pull per actuator 
- Voltage: 110-220V

Dimension and Weight:
- 80mm x 80mm x 635mm
- 7.8kg

(Customer's setup: RS MEGA+ with Double TL and Surge)

Check out the awesome setup from our customers around the world.