Motion Rediscovered!

Motion Rediscovered!

SimHub, probably the most popular software in Sim Racing community, has ignited a whole new era for the motion industry with the latest add-on features for motion.

Some of the key features includes:

  • Complete control over the effects working range. 
  • Your motion control at your fingertips :
    • All the gains, activations can be controlled using your favourite controller
  • Focused on confort 
    • Smooth transitions, crash filters, gear shift excessive accelerations filtering. 
  • Advanced belt tensioner control : calibration, live adjustments, park position.
  • Virtual tracker motion compensation :
    • Thanks to a detailed configuration the real orientation in space can be estimated and fed into OpenXR Motion compensation

  • Multiple Thanos controllers for easy expansion
  • Easy assignment of actuators to any desired function or rig type
  • Easy configuration of outputs axis isolating effects or outputs, and ability to control Single or Dual DIY servomotor Belt Tensioner system, along the basic 4 vertical + Surge + 2 TL axis.

A selected group of eRacing Lab customers have been heavily involved thru out the development and testing these amazing features. We are delighted to announce that all RS Series products with the industrial leading Thanos controllers are fully compatible with SimHub. Aand all existing eRacing Lab customers who already have the main SimHub license can simply download the beta version of SimHub and start rediscovering the full capability of their RS MEGA4U, RS MEGA+, and RS ULTIMATE motion system.

SimHub motion add-on is temporary free to test during this early beta stage. A dedicated additional licence will be required. 

It's only been a few days since the launch of SimHub's motion add-on features, and the feedback from the community has been phenomenal.