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WitMotion WT901C 9 Axis IMU Sensor

- comes with USB-RS232 cable 
- For correcting the visual in VR when Sim-Racing or Flight Sim-ing in a motion cockpit, aka "Motion Compensation"
- Works in conjunction with motion software such as SRS, SimTools, FlyPT Mover (not included).

For the exact requirement, compatibility and setup, please check with the developer for the motion software that you use. 

Technical Specifications:
Current: <40mA
Voltage: 5V (requiring a power source of 5V)
Data output frequency:0.2-200Hz
Baud Rate: 4800-961200 (adjustable)
Output Content: 3-axis Acceleration+Angle+Angular Velocity+Magnetic Field+Quaternion
Range: Acceleration (±6g), Gyroscope (±2000°/s), Magnet Field (±4900µT), Angle (X, Z-axis: ±180°, Y ±90°)
Resolution: Acceleration (0.005g), Gyroscope (0.61°/s), Magnet Field (16 bits)
Angle Accuracy(after calibrated): X, Y-axis: 0.05° (Static) , X, Y-axis: 0.1° (Dynamic)