Error Log & Service Bulletin

We are fully committed to providing the best possible quality and services to our customers. But people do make mistakes, mis-communication happens, shipment do get lost (but rarely)... etc. What's important is how these issue are handled. So here's a log to keep track of the issues that our customers reported and how they are resolved.


  • It was discovered that a batch of motor power cables were made with a different specification. These cables, while work perfectly, they might be more prompt to electrical interferences during certain situations
  • We identified a total of 16 customers across 12 countries had these cables.
  • A recall and replacement exercise was put in place
  • All replacement cables had been sent and reached customers by Feb 10th 2021



  • New aluminium spacers available for customers with our traction loss kit.
  • set of 3 (3mm, 5mm and 8mm)


  • 21/8/2020 - Customer Mr. Jxhx Spxnxs. from US placed the order for DIY MEGA
  • 22/8/2020 - Product was shipped and delivered on 28/8/2020
  • 5/9/2020 afternoon, customer sent a video via email show the kit assembled, wired up, and tested working fine.
  • 19/9/2020, customer email to report some “tingling” sound inside the extrusion. He then sent more video clips claiming that the same sound is also heard from other actuators. 
  • Later on the same day, Mr. J.S sent another video which clearly showed he took apart the unit (and somehow stripped one of the screws), and mentioned that there were signs of “debris” on the Linear Bearing.
  • 21/9/2020, after our engineering team reviewed the videos, and tested 10 other linear bearing it was concluded that the sound was normal from the Linear Bearing (we also sent the video to Mr. J.S. to demonstrate the sound that he was hearing).
  • However, we were not able to explain or prove what these “debris” were, apart from some parts may have been scratched and/or damaged while forcefully un/screwing the bolts / parts.
  • In any case, given the concerns Mr. J.S had and limited evidence on what the issue really was, we decided to ship a full set of 4 actuators and parts (excluding motors and coupler as Mr. J.S confirmed that they were working fine) as replacement.
  • 21/9/2020 - replacement was sent on the same day via DHL Express, and delivered on 24/9/2020.
  • 26/9/2020 - Mr. J.S reported that the set screws on the ball screw was loose. After explaining to him how the set screw should be installed, he then sent another video claiming that the lock screw on 2 of them were stripped while he tried to tighten it.
  • Later in the same day, he sent another video claiming that the bearing inside ALL of the actuators were completely “destroyed” after two hours of use. After reviewing the video, it was clear that Mr. J.S had dissembled the unit wrongly by removing the ball screw nut completely out of the ball screw, and letting all the bearing balls drop off the ball screw nut.
  • Then about 2 hours later, Mr. J.S sent another video, this time claiming that the screws on the Fixed Bearings were loose……. An hour later, Mr. J.S sent another video showing how he also broke the “foot” on one of the actuator while putting the foot on (and over tighten it).
  • After multiple emails, there was just no logical explanation on how the parts and screws can suddenly become “loose”. And no matter what we do and what replacement we sent, Mr. J.S was not satisfied. Things kept becoming loose or breaking, and he kept on asking for more. So we proposed two options to him. 1) He keeps the full set of original 4 actuators and use the parts as spare when needed. No need to return them back to us. 2) Return all products and replacement parts to us and we issue a full refund upon receipt of the returned goods.
  • Mr. J.S. decided to keep everything that we had sent him (original set and replacement set)
  • We also agreed to send him further replacement parts for the set screws which he claimed to be stripped, and also a new hallow shaft (for the “foot" that he broke) and also a new ball screw set which he broke as well, free of charge.
  • 28/9/2020 - the replacement parts were sent via DHL Express
  • 29/9/2020 - Mr. J.S sent another email, this time saying that one of the couplers was “noisy”, and requested a set of 4 as replacement and spares. 3 hours later, he then sent another email saying that a bearing is “toast” and almost completely seized. 
  • 29/9/2020 - We further reviewed the whole incident, over 100 emails, videos, photos… there’s just no logical explanation for all these. During the whole process, Mr. J.S hinted multiple times for compensation, and claimed that he’s a respected individual in the SFX community and discord, and also well known across most Facebook sim Groups, and  threaten to post negative feedback (for his and his cousin's unit who bought another DIY MEGA around the same time) on social media, accusing us on lying and would file a dispute with banks…. Etc. 
  • We do not want to make judgement or assumption on why Mr. J.S behaves this way. We may be a new and small company. But we feel we truly have done our part as a responsible seller, and have maintained our professionalism at highest. However, we can no longer continue be taken advantage of on this matter by Mr. J.S, and will not entertain his requests any further.
  • Mr. J.S. sent a video on the original units completely dissembled, parts that seem to have screwed loosen that can only be done deliberately, and threaten to post them on all social media to defame us.
  • Update on 08/12/2020 - The allegedly broken set was put up on sell, and said to have been "completely rebuilt" by the seller.
  • Update on 25/02/2021 - 2 months later, another set of SFX100 made in aluminum was put up for sell with almost identical photos. Seller claimed that they were not from eRacing Lab, but aluminium parts and cables shown in photos were clearly from eRacing Lab:


    • Customer from Slovenia placed the order for DIY MEGA
    • 21/8/2020 - Product was shipped, and delivered on 27/8/2020
    • 3/9/2020 afternoon, customer reported that he was not able to fit the motor into the aluminum motor mount (for 2 of them).
    • On the same day evening, we dispatched 2 replacement motor mounts.
    • Shortly after the replacement was shipped, customer confirmed that he was able to fit the motor after applying some heat to the mount.
    • We believe this issue is because, the motor mount was from our first production batch back in Jan 2020, which was produced with .03m tolerance for the motor body. We have since increased the tolerance to .04mm (motor factory's spec is +/-0.03mm).
    • 1/9/2020 - replacement arrived and kept at customer to be used as spares when needed


    • Customer placed the order for Bass Shaker Bundle
    • Noticed the shipping address is in USA which is a 110V, but the amplifier in our bundle operates in 220V only.
    • Informed customer on the same day of the options, 1) ship with another amplifier that works in 110V, but without remote control. 2) cancel the shipment with full refund
    • Customer decided to cancel the shipment. Full refund is issued immediately.
    • we have since added the voltage info on the product page.