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Single "Push & Pull" Actuator

1 x Actuator 150mm stroke distance
1 x 90ST-M02430 MiGE motors
1 x AASD-15A driver
1 x Aluminum mounting plate

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal operation

Interchangeable shaft end with the following options:
- Standard rubber feet with CNC aluminium adaptor (M8)
- Fisheye bearing with pull bar kit (220mm or 400mm)

(Recommended max. pull force: <80kg)


CNC Service and Parts included:
- Aluminum Profile, standard 100 series
- Motor bracket in Aluminum
- Fixed Bearing bracket in Aluminum
- Linear Bearing bracket in Aluminum
- Glider in Polyacetal
- all aluminum parts are sandblasted and anodized

Each actuator is supplied with:
- 90ST-M02430 Motor (genuine MiGE motors)
- AC Servo Driver (AASD-15A)
- Shielded data cables for encoder (4m)
- Shielded power cables for motor (4m)
- Shielded DB25 cable for controller (1m)

Mechanical parts  included:
- Shaft Coupler
- Fixed Bearing
- Ball Screw & Nut
- Linear Bearing
- Hollow Shaft
- Heavy duty anti vibration rubber feet

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