RS MEGA+ with TL and Surge in UK 🇬🇧

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RS MEGA+ with TL and Surge in UK 🇬🇧

Another very cool set up from our customer in UK, with RS MEGA+, Traction Loss and Surge kits.

And thank you so much for your kind words:

"After viewing various different options on the market for full motion systems, I found E-Racing Lab, which had great reviews from customers, but nobody had the full build. Most people seem to have opted for using four actuators, but I wanted 6 DOF for my build – I was coming from a Next Level Racing movement system, which has 4 DOF’s so naturally I was looking to upgrade. I found the perfect option with eRacing (Lab) RS MEGA+ kit with traction loss and surge. The company were very efficient in the speed of ordering, shipping and answering any of my questions via email. They were very helpful in the design phase as I custom built the rig to incorporate their components. I found the set up to be super easy with eRacing (Lab) components as they have been set up and tested before shipping, so it really was a matter of plug and play, once Sim Racing Studio was installed. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole process of designing and building my Sim rig. The only thing I would change if I was doing it again is to start off with a lighter rig in the first place as the one I had is one of the heaviest ones on the market which makes it extra heavy compared to some of the more light weight frames."

Traction Loss platform built with the RS SOLO - Traction Loss Kit

Surge platform built with the RS SOLO - Surge kit