(Oct 21st, 2023)
eRacing Lab is thrilled to announce the launch of a new edition in our extremely popular RS Series, the RS MEGA4U

This latest edition, RS MEGA4U, underlines our commitment in making the best value motion system in the market with cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance.
The RS MEGA4U has the same industry-setting 150mm stroke distance and lightning fast 250mm/s actuator from our best selling RS MEGA+, and comes with the new generation of controller - Thanos4U.

Designed and made in USA by the legendary Thanos, the Thanos4U controller supports 4-channels right out of the box, and is fully integrated with the best motion software in the market - Sim Racing Studio. This enables the set up of the actuators and features (such as “Spike Filter”) to be done remotely within the software, eliminating the need to operate from the controller.
While the RS MEGA4U joins our RS family as the most affordable 150mm 3DOF / 4-actuator motion system, we made sure it has the same software compatibility as the RS MEGA+ with Sim Racing Studio, SimTools and FlyPT Mover, so you get the same flexibility to choose the software that meet your preference and skill.

And to expend beyond 3DOF, you simply add another Thanos4U controller via USB, which immediately double the supported number of channels / axis to 8. Perfect for future upgrade for Traction Loss, Surge and Active Belt application, whenever you are ready.

The RS MEGA4U is available for order immediately, and shipping starts within 48 hours after order confirmation.

More info on the Thanos4U controller available from Thanos official website.