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Latest  May 2023 revision:
- updated design with eRacing Lab logo
- coupler comes in anodised black
(more info here)


- A complete turn-key motion system
- Flexible to choose
 the best motion software for your need
- HUGE list of supported games

- 4 x 150mm actuators to move a 400kg cockpit effortlessly
- Upgrade options to add TL, Surge and Active Belt tensioner
- 50% more stroke distance than a standard SFX100
- 40% lighter than DIY MEGA+ / SFX150 in Aluminium
- 20% smaller than a standard SFX100 but 50% more travel
- 15% smaller than DIY MEGA+ / SFX150 with the same stroke distance

- Lightning fast "Push & Pull" actuators for smooth and precise motion
- Powerful and immersive "Haptics" /  tactile feedback
- Full Aluminium Body from top to bottom
- Beautifully texturized and anodized
- Super low COG, mounting point only 5cm from floor
- Best in class on EMI suppression efficiency

Jan 2023 revision:
- all servo drivers are pre-configured
- all cables are ready to plug without any DIY work
- updated high quality USB cable, 3 meter
- truly plug n play with the software of your choice!
- Two years warranty


System Includes:
- Thanos AMC-AASD15A controller in full metal enclosure (supports 7 channels)*
- 4 x Actuators 150mm in full Aluminium body
- 4 x AASD-15A V6.3.1 servo drivers (fully configured)
- Aluminium Mounting Plates installed
- Ultra high quality shielded cables for motors (4 meters)
- includes all cables to provide a plug-n-play experience

* existing owner of DIY MEGA+ and SFX100/150 can choose the option with no controller

Software Compatibility (with Thanos AMC-AASD15A option) :
- Sim Racing Studio
- SimTools
- FlyPT Mover

Cockpit Compatibility:
- Sim Lab: P1-X, GT1, GT2, TR1
- Trak Racer: TR160, TR120, TR80
- and all DIY cockpits with a 40 series aluminium base frame

- Stroke: 150mm push and pull
- Speed: 250mm/s
- Servo Motor: 80mm flange, 750w
- Max Load: 180kg per actuator
- Voltage: 110-220V

Dimension and Weight:
- 80mm x 80mm x 580mm (per actuator)
- 7.3kg (per actuator)

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