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Collection of quality parts for to build your SFX100 DIY project

If you already have a 3D Printer and the skill for 3D printing, this bag is perfect for you. It includes all the mechanical parts you ever need for all 4 actuators in one single package, so you can focus on 3D Printing and building your SFX100 motion system from OpenSFX !

Parts included:
4 x Aluminium Profile: ERL100100-b
- ready to bolt, no screw thread tapping required)
- optional service to anodize into your choice of Black, Red or Blue color

4 x Shaft Coupler
4 x Fixed Bearing
4 x Ball Screw & Nut
4 x Linear Bearing
4 x Hollow Shaft

1 x Arduino controller (plug n play)

Optional upgrade to Thanos AMC-AASD15A controller.
They are the V1.4 with color screen and accessory port. We get them directly from PT Actuators. We check them (fix "Reset Trace" cut if required), set them up for 3DOF, and test them to make sure they are in prefect condition before shipping. All subsequent support will be thru Thanos Discord channel)

Gross Weight for shipping: 23KG

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What you need:

- 3D-Print your own parts
- 4 servo motors (or you can get from us here)
- Controller board

Key features for the ERL100100-b aluminium profile:

1) pre-drilled screw thread from the factory. No need to manually tap thread inserts / Helicoils and risk any damage.

2) thicker internal pattern provides ultimate stiffness. It also allows the use of even bigger screws (included!), which makes the whole actuator even more solid.

3) comes with custom designed .STL files for all your 3D printing parts