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High Quality Aluminum Parts and Beautifully Anodized

4 x  Actuators with 100mm stroke distance
4 x 90ST-M02430 MiGE motors

Absolutely everything you need in one basket....

Motion Controller
- Arduino Leonardo 

CNC Service and Parts:
- Aluminum Profile, standard 100 series
- Motor bracket in Aluminum
- Fixed Bearing bracket in Aluminum
- Linear Bearing bracket in Aluminum
- Glider in Polyacetal
- all aluminum parts are sandblasted and anodized

Each actuator is supplied with:
- 90ST-M02430 Motor (genuine MiGE motors)

- AC Servo Driver (AASD-15A)

- Shielded data cables for encoder (4m)

- Shielded power cables for motor (4m)

- Shielded DB25 cable for controller (1m)

Mechanical parts  included:
- Shaft Coupler
- Fixed Bearing
- Ball Screw & Nut
- Linear Bearing
- Hollow Shaft
- Heavy duty anti vibration rubber feet

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Absolutely No 3D-printing required!!!

Aluminum Profile: ERL 100100-b, are ready to bolt, no screw thread tapping required

Email custom designs to for CNC machining work

Gross Weight for shipping: 59KG

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Estimated DIY build time: about 2-3 hours for all 4 actuators!!!
You'll need to have the right size screw drivers, hex keys, and at least know how to tighten and loosen screws when required. 

Key features for the ERL100100-b aluminium profile:
1) Precision CNC machined screw thread . No need to manually tap thread inserts / Helicoils and risk any damage.

2) thicker internal pattern provides ultimate stiffness. It also allows the use of even bigger screws (included!), which makes the whole actuator even more solid.